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UNBOUND Magazine started out as cheap marketing gimmick for an “Event” founder and editor-in-chief David B. Amburgey had working on developing in 2019. The first event was set for the last Friday of the month in March of 2020, and, along with so many other concerts, shows, and events, the “Event” fell victim of the virus shutdown a week before it came to be. Yet, with several issues of the magazine already published by that time, UNBOUND Magazine moved forward, supported for awhile through multiple-themed photoshoots and eventually moving forward on its own with the help of many talented photographers and models as well as make-up artists, stylists, music bands, shop owners, designers, and many other creative individuals whom in some form or fashion contributed their work to each of every issue of UNBOUND Magazine and it’s recent spin-off titles either directly or in support of the photography submitted over the years. 


As for the “Event”, it hasn’t been forgotten, but the mission behind the magazine has grow past simply being a cheap marketing gimmick for an event, so much so that in early 2024 UNBOUND Magazine will begin hosting the “Event” in support of marketing the magazine! 


Information and Updates for the “Event” will be coming soon, but until then, UNBOUND Magazine would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last four-years, and to all of UNBOUND Magazine’s newest contributors and supporters who we hope will remain UNBOUND for several more years alongside us as well.


… and for those that are still reading,  here are 10 facts you should know about UNBOUND Magazine


1. UNBOUND Magazine’s first issue was published in September of 2019.

2. After nearly four-years of publishing, UNBOUND Magazine finally became an official Limited Liability Company in July of 2023.

3. The name, UNBOUND Magazine, has been used in publishing before, across the Atlantic as a college project it which came to an abrupt end in 2018.

4. Based in Chicago, Illinois, UNBOUND Magazine has grown from a mid-western photography magazine into an international photography publication, with it’s worldwide reach continuing to grow each month. 

5. UNBOUND Magazine’s tagline, “Freed from bonds or restraints,” is not only one of the literal definitions of the adjective unbound, but also the sub-mission of what the magazine has come to represent within the online publishing community.

6. Even though UNBOUND Magazine is a photography magazine, when available, musician and other contemporary and performance art is covered via photography submissions and interviews.

7. Despite being an open-themed publication, as of September 2019, UNBOUND Magazine does have two dedicated-themed editions for Fashion & Glamour and Fine Art Photography.

8. UNBOUND Magazine also publishes premier, dedicated themes magazines for boudoir, fantasy & cosplay, and even one for more risqué photography with the art of Shibari, those titles being: BED BATH & BOUDOIR, UNBOUND IMAGINARIUM, and BOUND Magazine.

9. The main title for UNBOUND Magazine has published, notwithstanding a few special editions, as an open-submission, open-themed magazine since 2019.

10. UNBOUND Magazine has always been and continues to be open to submissions from both beginning and established photographers, models, and anyone whom would like to contribute to the continuing growth of the magazine.

Contact Information


137 N. Oak Park Ave.  Ste 215  #5750

Oak Park, Illinois 60301

Photography, Studio Art, Written Word & Graphic Design

General & Advertisement Inquires

Text & Voice Mail

(312) 620-2919

Submission Guidelines

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